How to Find Peace in a Turbulent World

Each of us has a Core Sacred Self that is calm, wise, loving, and knows everything is going to be ok. Unfortunately, life’s demands, the world’s drama, relationship issues, financial and health challenges and anxiety/stress can steal our peace. What if you could call upon this inner peace when you needed it to make sounder decisions, experience less drama, have greater confidence, more love and compassion, less anxiety, less judgement, and more joy on a daily basis? When you operate from your core inner stillness, you are aligned with the Soul’s Song you came to sing!

I use nature photography and nature analogies to illustrate and teach you how to connect with your core inner stillness. I recently spoke on How to Find Peace in a Turbulent World: Quiet Your Mind and Connect with the Divine” at Carolyn Cooper’s Align Your Shine Event. This became the basis of my new book, Finding Peace in a Turbulent World: Living in Sacred Nature.

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